Turbo Machinery

Refurbishing an entire business

Turbo Machinery Services, in Bedford, maintains and repairs industrial rotating machinery. Although the exterior of their building had weathered at a similar rate to any other property, their workshop and warehouse had accommodated heavy-duty machinery and was covered in black grease. As you would expect, traces of the operation had started to appear in stair wells, reception and office areas.

The external cladding was badly deteriorated as its existing coating had totally broken down. ESK removed all external fixtures such as cameras and lighting, jet washed, degreased and sanded the cladding and applied primer.

When the painters set to work on applying corporate colours to the entire building, the company’s image was transformed. Finally ESK refitted the external fixtures.

ESK also overhauled the interior. Many of the surfaces within the operational areas were so worn, often damaged, that they had become impossible to thoroughly clean and the dirt had been ground in. ESK covered floors and furniture for protection, and scrubbed all wall coverings including tiling, sockets, doors and handles. After a thorough deep clean, as with the external refurbishment, all damaged surfaces and joinery were repaired before being transformed by painting.

In this instance ESK revamped every aspect of Turbo Machinery Services’ property; the results stood out as a distinct improvement. The customer was delighted.